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Community Events : What's Going On

Loading Dock Fundraisers:

Shop at Loading Dock Liquors on the date(s) listed below & mention the organizations name. 10% of your total order, before tax, will be donated to that organization.

No fundraisers scheduled - get yours started today!

Want to get your fundraiser started? Contact us by email info@loadingdockliquors.com or call 410.675.7621. We'll even provide a flyer for you to distribute, see example.

Have an event you'd like us to post?

Send a quick email to info@loadingdockliquors.com & include:

Organization Name | Event Name | Event Location | Event Date & TIme | Your Email Address

All community events are approved by Loading Dock Liquors. Once approved, please allow 48 hours to post your event.

2101 Fleet Street • Baltimore, MD 21231 • 410.675.7621